House rules

House rules



We have drawn up these house rules to make your stay and that of other guests as pleasant as possible. In an emergency, you can call our reception staff 24 hours a day; dial extension 100. These house rules apply to everyone who is in the hotel. In situations not covered by these regulations, the management of Best Western City Hotel Woerden will decide.



We request that you respect the privacy of your fellow guests. We also kindly ask you to refrain from noise pollution. Best Western City Hotel Woerden applies a zero tolerance policy. We respect your privacy in all circumstances. However, we are authorized to enter your room if you do not comply with our house rules. In extreme cases, we may vacate your room and remove you from your room. Your room can be inspected by hotel staff at all times.


Furnishing of hotel

We request that you respect the design of the hotel. We also expect our guests to handle inventory with care. Damage to and theft of hotel furnishings or room inventory will be charged to the perpetrator and person liable for this act.


Alcohol and (soft) drugs

Alcohol abuse and trade in and use of (soft) drugs are prohibited. Best Western City Hotel Woerden applies a zero tolerance policy.


Emergency alarm / Fire alarm system

When you hear the emergency alarm, follow the instructions on the Emergency plan in your room. In the event of a false emergency alarm, intentionally caused by a hotel guest, any consequential damage will be recovered from the person concerned. Any costs incurred by you when the fire alarm system goes off unintentionally will be recovered from you. In case of improper use of fire extinguishers, an amount of at least € 275.00 will be charged.



All rooms and public areas in the entire hotel are non-smoking. If you smoke in the room or hotel, we will impose a fine of € 150.00 and we reserve the right to remove you from the hotel.



Pets are not allowed.



It is not allowed to receive visitors in your room. You can meet with outside guests in the lobby, at the bar and in the restaurant.


Check in and out

Guests under the age of 18 cannot be checked in without parental consent. You must be able to identify yourself at all times. Check-in is from 2 pm. We reserve the right to request a deposit. Refund of the deposit after you have vacated the room and it has been inspected.  On the day of departure you can stay in your room until 12:00 noon, upon departure you must hand in your key card at the reception.


Criminal offenses

All criminal offenses will be reported to the police. We always report theft and / or deliberate destruction.


Limited liability

We do not accept responsibility for loss, accident, personal injury, medical expense or damage to property caused by personal inattention or by circumstances beyond our reach. The management of Best Western City Hotel Woerden reserves the right to deny anyone access to the hotel without giving any reason, without this person being entitled to compensation.