Corona virus measures

Dear loyal guest of Best Western City Hotel Woerden,   

Welcome and thank you for placing your trust in our hotel and our associates who are dedicated to providing you with a safe and healthy home away from home.    

First and foremost, please know that Best Western is focused more than ever on the health and safety of our guests and our associates – your wellbeing is our top priority.  Hygiene and cleanliness have never been more important to us – we believe that hotels can never be “too clean.”  It is with your health and wellbeing in mind that we launched the “We Care Clean” program.

Our “We Care Clean” program includes heightened safety and cleanliness standards in four key areas.

First, we have put in place enhanced safety practices at the front desk and in the lobby. We are minimizing your contact with personnel – streamlining check-in and check-out processes.  We practice social distancing by ensuring a safe distance for interactions, and we disinfect anything you will touch – from the front desk surface to the pens you use. Every key card is disinfected and sanitized with appropriate cleaning agents.  We have established strictly enforced cleaning schedules for lobby furniture and fixtures.  We have hand sanitizing stations in the lobby.  Noting you will be welcomed by one of our team members when you check in, our hotel is focused on the well-being of our associates – ensuring they are healthy. They are instructed to not come to work if they are not well – and if they question their health, we ask that they take their temperature and verify they are well.  We have frequent wellness and safety training and we stress the importance of wellness and strict adherence to our safety protocols.  Importantly, we value their health as well as yours – you can take comfort in knowing that our caring associates recognize the importance of their health before they interact with you.   

Second, we know that most of your time with us will be spent in your guest room.  Prior to your stay, your room will be sanitized, disinfected and closely inspected.  Every guest room high touch point will be cleaned with chemicals aimed at killing the COVID-19 virus – door handles, light switches, thermostats, desk areas, hangers, television remotes, coffee makers, telephones and all bathroom fixture handles and touch points.  Where you touch – it will have been cleaned with a focus on your safety. Hotel housekeepers will wear gloves and masks to ensure your safety as well as theirs.  Of note, the room you stay in will likely have not been used for a period of 24 to 72 hours from the prior guest – a form of social distancing related to the life expectancy of the COVID-19 virus.  Prior to your walking through the door to your room, all linens and terrycloth products will have been washed in chemicals aimed at killing the virus, and at a high-heat temperature at which it cannot survive. Separate laundry carts are used for clean linens and towels to prevent cross-contamination, and all laundry carts are disinfected daily.  Additionally, knowing you want to practice safe social distancing, stay-over service will not be provided unless specifically requested – and if requested the guest must leave the room. If you request clean and towels, they will be provided through minimum personal contact – we can leave them in the room when you are not there. 

Third, while we recognize the importance of providing you a quality breakfast when you stay with us, we have implemented a breakfast program that ensures the food you receive is safe and healthy. We have implemented a “Grab & Go” program that allows you to take a pre-packaged breakfast back to your room to eat – allowing you to social distance or to enjoy your pre-arranged breakfast tray in our restaurant. Importantly, breakfast area tables and chairs are sanitized whenever used.  Our promise to you is to provide a quality breakfast while respecting that your safety and well-being are paramount.

Fourth, public restrooms – when we are allowed to open them (noting we comply with all government orders) – will be cleaned on closely-monitored schedules using disinfecting chemicals.

With regard to our meeting space, all chairs, tables and equipment are sanitized before and after each use. The self-serve beverage station includes napkins for use when serving your beverage. And we will recommend that anyone using the room practice social distancing if the meeting should be conducted. Lunch will be provided in the same way as breakfast. For further information regarding our meeting service, we refer you to our Groups & Events Department. 0348 74 83 74 or 

Best Western is a family of hoteliers.  We want you to know that we truly care about you, your family and your health – we are a global community that cares about one another.  We stand ready to provide you a safe, clean home away from home as “We Care Clean” is the new standard.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing our hotel with you. 

On behalf of our entire team; stay healthy, stay well. 

All our best, sincerely,

Joris Strik
General Manager

Best Western City Hotel Woerden


We Are Clean